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Construction Management Services, (CMS, SARL) is a growth oriented, multi-disciplined, Construction Management firm which seeks to complete the projects it handles on time, within budget, with good quality, with a flexible and marketable design, and with efficient and reduced cost.

CMS, SARL, was founded in 1990 by Mr. Joe J. Rufka under the name of DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, AND MANAGEMENT INC. (DDMI), in Rockville, Maryland, USA. DDMI remained in operation until 1993, at which time Mr. Rufka moved to Lebanon and continued operation under the name CMS. CMS is an acronym for "Construction Management Services" and reflects the company's focus on service, that is, high quality, professional service to a wide variety of clients.
The company's involvement with a wide range of clients is a product of Mr. Joe Rufka's participation in a large variety of different sized projects throughout the formative years of his engineering and consulting career. Mr. Joe Rufka's national and international experience with previous employers provides a broad exposure to the technical and managerial challenges associated with different sized construction projects throughout the United States and Lebanon.
Since its inception, CMS has demonstrated an unyielding commitment to each client. CMS has been recognized for its ability to develop creative and practical solutions to meet a project's special requirements. The staff's expertise allows it to identify and overcome potential problems early in the design process. As a result, the company has been rewarded with a reputation for excellence due to consistently high design and technical performance.


The Company's Background

As it seeks to accomplish its mission, CMS will be guided by the following principles: commitment to excellence, commitment to clients, and dedication to the general public and the environment.
Commitment to excellence is expressed at every level and in each project. The firm is characterized by high quality professional services, diligence in fulfilling responsibilities, and integrity in business operations. Within the context of excellence, CMS recognizes its obligation to provide professional Construction Management services that will result in projects with enduring value and benefits.
Commitment to clients is based upon a clear understanding that CMS is dependent upon its clients for existence. The individual need of clients affords CMS an opportunity to apply professional expertise to practical design and construction issues facing these clients. CMS also affirms the importance of client goals and objectives insofar as those objectives fall within the constraints of the ethics and conduct.
Dedication to the general public is demonstrated in CMS's ongoing quest for the personal safety and well-being of employees, workers, subcontractors, government inspectors and all passers-by, as well as the safety and peace of mind of all neighbors. CMS's dedication to the environment is reflected in the company's continual aim towards the optimization of the use of resources and raw materials, the minimizing and proper management of waste, and the close adherence to all legal guidelines. Finally, CMS's professionalism and faithfulness promote safe and profitable projects with enduring value to the environment and the general public.


The Company's Guiding Principles: